How to Make Easy Tacos De Chicken Fajita

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First cut bell pepper length wise.

Slice onions the same way. You decide how thick or thin.

Cut chicken breast also length wise as well.

Heat oil in pan.

Fry onion and bell pepper until onion turns a little brownish.

Season chicken breast with black pepper and salt. You decide how much is enough.

Toss in pan with onion and bell pepper. Add a few splashes of Worcester sauce before chicken cooks all the way.

Scoop everything out of the pan.

Heat tortillas in the same pan as the chicken. The pan should still have some oil left in it.

Scoop chicken into tortillas and then add sour cream. I love fresh jalapeños with my tacos. The spicier the better. =D. Hope you enjoy this easy recipe. Enjoy!

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