How to Fill Your Eyebrows In

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How to fill your eyebrows in.

I use the brand Anastasia to fill my eyebrows in. This lasts me for months.

In the first quad is wax to hold the eyebrow filler throughout the day. I don't use the third quad.

This is me without anything on my eyebrows.

First use the wax. You don't need much to put on your eyebrows.

Then I dip my eyebrow brush into the lighter shade and then lightly dip it in the dark to balance my eyebrow color.

Lightly press on the color with upward motion or where your eyebrow hair direction is in. Press harder for a more defined eyebrow once you filled it lightly.

My left eyebrow is filled in to show a difference of how eyebrows can shape your face. Repeat to your other eyebrow.

Once your done, go over your eyebrows with this comb to even out the eyebrow color and if needed fill them in again until your satisfied.

Comb in an upward motion.

And there you go :)

Watch the video: Natural Eye Brow tutorial using Pencil - Queenii Rozenblad

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