How to Make a Ductape Cookie Monster Wallet

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Cut a two pices of blue ductape and overlap them so its 3inch by 7inch.

Do that four more times.

Take one blue piece and stick it ontop of another.

Do that again. Now you should have two double-sided pieces.

Now cut a single strip of ductape 7inches long.

Place your double-sided pieces ontop of eachother.

Stick te piece you just cut down on the bottom.

Flip it over. It should look like this.

Now fold that up.

Cut two single strips of ductap 3inches long

Do the same thing that you did to the bottom with these pieces only on the sides.

Cut a single strip of ductape 7inches long and cut it in half long ways.

Do this with it. This will make the ductape wallet sturdier and it will look neater.

Now the wallet is done. Set it aside.

Cut a black piece and a white piece of ductape. It doesnt really matter how big.

Cut out these shapes for cookie monsters face.

Stick them onto your wallet and your done!!


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