How to Make a Matza Brei - Israeli Style

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Yep, 6 of these babies. Will feed 2 regular-sized people (or the author of this guide).

Take 3 matzahs at the time, break into half, and dip in warm water. Wriggle and flip. Oh, did I mention you should let your 3.5yo do this?

Not too long! Only a few dips, don't let it go soggy on you. The 3.5yo may tend to over dip. Watch them carefully.

Beat the eggs, beat them well! (you may want to take matter back to your own hands here)

Milk. A splash. Salt too (although some despicable people like to have their matzah brei with sweet stuff like honey, in which case, hold the salt).

Mix the eggs, and the now-crushed matzah. No visual, you'll have to imagine this. It's not that attractive to look at.

What, you didn't put butter and oil in the pan (medium heat) yet?

Hot already? (it will sizzle with a few first pieces)

Pour the mix into the pan and flatten. Lower the heat and cover.

When it is golden brown...

Take it out, cut it out, and serve with Israeli salad and sour cream. Kids will also enjoy a smile.

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