How to Make a Steak Sandwich

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1)Pick the cut of meat that u like here I use ripeye 2)zest ur lemon before cut them In haft we gonna use both zest and juice 3)pick rosemary

Marinate steak with zest of lemon rosemary a squeeze of lemon juice and olive oil

Wrap them in plastic wrap or ziplock bag in fridge for 10-15 min

Slice onion and cook them in butter and a bit of oil low heat till it caramelize don't forget to season with salt and pepper

Grill/pan fried ur steak depends on how thick ur steak is as u can see my steak is thick cut so it take about 3min on each side for medium but the best way to know u gotta feel it don't forget seasons

Don't forget to rest ur meat I always wrap them in foil so when u cut thru them there are beautifully pink and juicy

Butter on the pan then put ur bread in so bread soak all the butter goodness then top with Swiss cheese and cheddar

Here we go everything is ready to assemble bread top with ur steak slice

Let's do a quick recap here

Top with caramelize onion then ur melted cheese bread on top

Close up here look at those onion!!

There you have it easy steak sandwich

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