How to do mix'n'match nails

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Paint a base coat.

Paint one or two coats of your lighter color. In my case, pink.

I got this striper polish from a shoe store for about $2. You can also use regular polish and a nail art brush, or toothpick.

On your pinkie (or whatever finger you want) paint just a couple stripes.

On your ring finger (or whichever) paint a line across the tip of your nail and fill it in for pretty much a French tip.

You can also tape off the part of your nail you want the lighter color, and paint a coat of your second color. Then take off your tape, and it'll be the same.

On your middle finger (or whichever) paint a 't' or cross on your nail. Fill in two of the sections for like a checkerboard pattern. Be careful because it is extremely easy to mess up.

You can also take two pieces of tape- make sure you cut off the zigzag side from the dispenser- and use them to get the checkerboard type pattern.

On your pointer (or whichever) do dots. I used a small dotting tool. You can use a toothpick, bobby pin, pencil or whatever gives you the size dot you want.

Then topcoat, and clean up with a small brush or q-tip. I did the opposite on my other hand.

Hope your nails turn out great! Tell me what kind of guides you'd like and I'll work on it.

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