How to build a dog apartment

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Start with your boxes.. I used 2.

Cut one just like so..

Cut one piece off the box, and cut out a door.. Make sure it's big enough so your little guy can fit :)

Slide the piece down the middle if the box .. Make sure one side is larger for the potty space.. The smaller space needs to be just big enough for your pup to stand up, stretch, and turn around.

Cut one side of box to look like so..

Fit both pieces together. I had a tiny little spot that didn't connect in the floor of the apt. So I just cut a piece and taped it down.

Then tape, tape, tape!

Put the bed in the small part. See how it's just big enough for his bed? Remember, this space is just big enough for them to stand up, stretch, turn around and lay down.

Add the pad.

And voila! I put this in my laundry room at night, and the living room during the day.

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