How to make homemade pasta

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These are the only ingredients you will need--but a lot more eggs than are pictured here.

Add flour, salt & olive oil to a bowl. You don't have to use Himalayan Pink salt - any salt will do. You can also use other kinds of flour -- but semolina and extra fine flour are the tastiest!

Separate eggs and egg yolk.

Add at least 4 egg yolks and 4 whole eggs to the mixture.

Once kneaded well, wrap in plastic wrap and put in refrigerator for at least a half hour, if it stays in there longer --- GREAT!

Take the pasta out of the fridge(I think I kept it in for about an hour and a half).

This is basically the texture of the dough when you take of the wrap. Sticky smooth!

Cut up the dough into decent sized pieces. Flour the dough.

Roll out the dough just enough that you'll be able to stick one end into the pasta roller -- and cover with flour so it doesn't stick in the roller.

Place the dough in the roller and roll through on the thickest setting (on my "Atlas 150", I used the #1 setting).

Now fold your pasta in half like you see in this photo.

Now put it through the roller again at the same setting.

Dependent on how thick you want your pasta, turn up the dial to make your pasta more thin. Repeat the folding, flouring & rolling until you reach desired thickness.

Place your pasta in a bunch of little piles -- mainly just to portion it out and make sure it dries in smaller batches. At this point you can freeze/refrigerate your pasta -- or go ahead and boil it!

5-7 minutes and it's done!!!! Remove with a spider spoon but DO NOT RINSE THE PASTA. That's sacrilege.

Top with your favorite sauce/veg/meat/seafood, etc and ENJOY!! Once you make the real thing you'll never want dried pasta again! I promise.

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