How to make nicaragua jumbo shrimp dish

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First do the Preparation : Chop the following into small cubes :Onions, tomato, and Serrano. For the garlic you need to use a garlic presser. Cilantro will be sliced as thin and tiny as possibl➡

I bough this at my local grocery store 13-15CT➡

Now get a frozen shrimp & cook it in a double boiler. This should be one of the first steps that should be done first ➡

While waiting for shrimp to cook cut up tomatoes➡

Chop Onion➡

Chop Serrano ➡

Get garlic & crush it with a garlic presser ➡

Garlic presser ➡

This is what it should look like.➡

Get oil going on medium high➡

Sauté garlic first ➡

Then tomatoes➡

Add onions ➡

Add Serrano ➡

& wait for the produce to simmer. it should look like this.➡

Add salt to taste to sauté ➡

Your shrimp should be done ➡

Clean them & peel them➡

Add shrimp to seasoned Sauté for 3-4 min until smothered ➡

Add sliced cilantro ➡

Add more Serrano ➡

Get the mayonnaise & ketchup➡

Get mayo ➡

& ketchup ➡

Mix both condiments together and 1/2 cup of water➡

Pour in to the sauté with jumbo shrimp ➡

Add more ketchup ➡

Add cilantro ➡

For an extra kick add Serrano after cilantro. Not recommend if kids are eating to add extra Serrano ➡

Add pepper ➡

My side will be fried plantains & ➡

Simple white rice ➡


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