How to feed a burger to a man

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Finely chop Jalepeno and onion.

Add the chopped Jalepeno, Onion and seasoning to ground beef.

Knead ground beef, peppers, onions and seasoning together in bowl.

Press patties flat with your hands.

Fold-in corners of slice(s) of American cheese and lay atop each pattie. *If you or your guy does not prefer cheese, omit this step

Press flat another patty and lay atop previous patty with cheese. Pinch together and fold edges to seal. Cook to your preference. *If you or your guy does not prefer cheese, omit this step.

Rinse & slice potatoes to thick wedges. Add to hot cooking oil and deep fry until cooked to your preference.

Melt butter in a skillet. Coat entire bottom.

Add buns. Watch carefully and turn over to toast both sides.

Remove fries from cooking oil and drain on paper towel. Add Soul Heavens Fry Seasoning.


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