How to create a round mound

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Obtain a block of floral foam that has 3 individual blocks ready to cut.

Once your floral foam has been cut into an individual piece, drop the floral foam in a bath of water and let it sink. Once it has sunk and is evenly soaked, remove the floral foam from the water.

Take your floral knife and cut out the edges of the floral foam to smooth the edges. Then, place your floral foam on your dish, and with your whole palm press down to secure it in the dish.

Cut a piece of tape that is long enough to go over the whole dish and under the top ridge. Place that piece of tape just above the center of the floral foam and secure it under the dish ridges.

Gather a bunch of leather leaf.

Cut two pieces of the top half of leather leaf that are about half of the whole leaf. They must be approximately the same size. Place the two pieces in the center of the floral foam block.

Cut 4 pieces of leather leaf the same size as the top two and place it evenly around the bottom of the floral foam.

Cover the floral foam completely in leather leaf that is cut the same size, leaving no space to see the floral foam.

Gather all of your flowers. Choose which one will be your main flower (in mine the red carnation) and your secondary flower (the white mum).

Cut your main flower to be a half an inch or so shorter than your leather leaf. Place your first flower in between the two center pieces of leather leaf. Then add 5 flowers evenly around the bottom.

Fill in some spaces on the floral foam, leaving room for your secondary flower and filler.

Cut your secondary flower to be the same size as your first flowers.

Place your secondary flowers evenly around the arrangement. Add your filler flower wherever there is empty space, and you're done!

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