How to make a symmetrical triangle arrangement.

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First you must start off with a standard dish of normal size used for floral foam.

Next grab a 1/3 brick of Oasis and place it in the Oasis Foam Container after soaking it for 4-5 minutes.

Now make sure to bevel the edges with a floral knife to make it so that you can add pieces in your arrangement where negative space can be applied.

Put floral tape halfway through your Floral Foam Container to hold it in place make sure to start off with two large pieces of leather leaf and put them back to back in the middle of your arrangement.

As you now start adding more Leather Leaf make sure to use 1 piece per side of the arrangement to make it look as said to be asymmetrically balanced, except the gap to make the arrangement.

Now once you start putting together your arrangement make sure to have no blank spaces by adding and filling in your arrangement with Leather Leaf facing outwards.

Last fill in your arrangement with flowers using larkspur, standard carnations, and mums to complete it. Make sure to also have gyp placed within the arrangement to compliment your final piece.

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