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First you need to purchase Over. It will cost you $1.99. It is a great app for adding text and artwork on your photo.

Next, you need to download this app. As we need to unzip some files. Its free.

Next, you go to, and add to Home Screen for easy access.

In, search and choose any font that you like and press download.

It will then give you this page, and ask you to open with iZip, you can simply tap that, if not, you can choose "Open in..." and choose for iZip

In Izip, the app will ask you whether or not you want to extract the zip file. You simply choose ok.

After it extract the zip file, it will give you several files. Choose the files with ttf extension (.ttf) and tap it.

It will ask you to open with several choice of apps, obviously you will choose Over.

As soon the app launch, it will notify you that the font you choose is loaded. On how to add the text to your photos, I think you can figure it yourself.

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