How to make boots that are too big fit better

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Gather your supplies or tools! Insoles and heel shields can be bought from a pharmacy or even the local supermarket. I always make sure I have more than one bottle of glue stored away.

Cut the insoles to fit your feet. Try and get insoles like these that are marked with different shoe sizes. Lay the insoles flat against the shoe soles to ensure a good fit, then take them out.

Add glue to the back of the insoles. Super glue works best.

This is the sticky part. Get your hands dirty and stick the insoles to the soles or base of the shoes. Once you have laid the insoles flat, press your palm against the insoles (the dry side).

Next, take the heel shields and peel them away from the protective film.

Stick the heel shields to the inside of the shoes, near the heels. I used two gel shields for each boot.

To strengthen the connection of the glue in between the insoles and soles, wear the boots for 10 to 20 minutes after (optional). There you have it. Boots that are too big? No problem.

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