How to organize art supplies

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I was asked to share a few art supply/studio organizing/storage solutions. Please enjoy, and do share your favorite ideas too!

The supply list contains items I always keep an eye out for and can never seem to have enough of....antique shops, flea markets and thrift stores are great sources for caddies, bins, jars and crates.

Divided cubby boxes & caddies are essential in my studio organization. This one works perfectly for all my glitters!

Again...the divided box/caddy comes into play. This time hung on the wall for handy ribbon roll storage.

Inks stacked neatly and stored in large jars.

Vintage sewing drawers are just the perfect size for small paper goods, tags and ephemera.

Another go-to fav...metal tiered baskets. This one houses my most used stamps and paints.

I am lucky enough to have these awesome, super deep built-in drawers in my studio. I stack and layer currently used items and rotate as needed from front to back.

Muffin tins are super organizers! They hold all my little bits and collections, keeping them separated and organized quite nicely. They are stored in built- in drawers.

Curio box dividers and little metal tins stored in built-ins. Not only are these great for storage, I can also grab a tin and go if I'm working on the road.

Drawers, chock full of arty goodness!

Vintage jars are not only practical, but pretty too. Being able to see what I have makes me actually use it too. I search for the wide-mouth style jars for easy access to the treasures inside.

A vintage cash register drawer serves a new, more playful duty, organizing game pieces.

The top half of an old secretary desk houses paints, adhesives and such.

I never pass up these handy beauties. Vintage soda crates hold unending possibilities for storage solutions.

Metal bakers racks provide ample storage real estate, while taking up very little floor space. More metal buckets and tins keep items organized, handy and visual.

Another bakers rack; stylish, yet uber efficient.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite storage solutions. Thanks for taking a peek, happy organizing!!

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