How to make salami soup/sopa de salchichon

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The cast

Let start the prep process. Take the fresh corn on the cob and chop them up. Pre cook it in a pot of unsalted water for 20min.

This is my preferred brand of salami. It is spicy and gives the soup a wonderful flavor. Cut that also into pieces.

Take a large pot and set it over medium heat. Add the oil

To the hot oil we will add the salami. we will brown it up.

Now lower the heat and add the tomato sauce

The sofrito

the oregano.

mix this all well

now lets start adding the rest of the condiments once again. Add the olives

The garlic powder

the onion powder too.

Next comes the tomato chicken bouillon. This is just chicken broth in powder form with tomato flavoring. It is very good. I use the knorr brand. ️

and lastly the beef bouillon

add some cilantro in there too. 😁

stir this all together and cook over medium low heat a few minutes

Now add all the water.

Add the sazon with culantro and achiote.

Add the chopped potatoes.

some peppercorns

Next up comes the the frozen yucca and squash . I had no fresh veg so i used frozen. If you have fresh PLEASE use it. These veg are optional, BUT highly recommended.

Next comes the corn. I precooked the corn in hot unsalted water for 20 minutes. I than added it to my soup. Let this all cook for 20 min or until the potatoes are almost done.

The last item to be added is the noodles. They cook fairly quick. Adding noodles is optional. It is not necessary. This soup alone with corn and potatoes is just fine.

Add a few more sprigs of cilantro while the broth is simmering

Serve hot with a nice bowl of white rice and some avocado😉

This is a somewhat spicy soup. The yucca, squash and noodles are all optional ingredient. Some people just make it using potatoes & corn others put the fideos also known as noodles. Make it your own

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