How to create a cat eye dramatic purple eye make up

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Start with a naked face (sorry for the no make up but with these dramatic eyes it's easier to apply foundation afterwards since some dark shadow with fall onto your under eyes)

Apply your primer

Take a bandaid (or tape) cut it in half and place on the back of your hand, pull it off a couple times so it becomes less sticky.

Angle them to create the cat eye. Make them as even as possible but remember "eyes are sisters not twins) so they do not have to be PERFECT!!!

Apply a shimmer grey in the outer corner making a "wing"

Then blend the harsh line out

Take a black and make a "v"

Blend out those harsh lines

Apply your purple

Then apply your milk (yes it will cover some of the purple

Apply a nude shimmer color

Apply your purple then using your blending brush apply black to your outer crease

Use your eyeliner to create a wing

Line your water line with the eyeliner

Then drag it down and blend some with a small liner bruh

Using that liner brush apply purple under and blend

Add mascara and you're done!


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