How to make kahlúa oreo ice cream

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Assemble thy ingredients.

Coarsely chop the Oreos. You'll want about one cup.

Stick em where the sun don't shine (your freezer). The colder everything is when you begin, the better your ice cream will turn out.

Put the eggs in a blender (or use a bowl/whisk).

Raw eggs *could*, potentially, make you sick. If you'd rather not use raw eggs, you can temper them with a hot milk mixture; or you can simply use egg substitutes from a carton.

Slowly add sugar and mix, ensuring it has had time to blend in before pouring the next bit.

Add the milk.

Add the cream.

The Kahlúa flavor is not too strong so I boost it up a bit with some instant coffee.

Add the instant coffee. (Maybe you need to move over to a bowl for space considerations.)

Add the Kahlúa and stir everything up real good.

Freeze according to your ice cream maker's instructions.

Right as it's nearing completion, add the Oreo pieces. Let the ice cream churn for a minute or so (til pieces are incorporated).

Transfer to a container and freeze for a couple hours.

Have your cholesterol checked periodically!

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