How to make cinnamon stick tea

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Add fresh cold water and drop 1 Ceylon Cinnamon stick (3 inch stick) into the pot.

Use medium low heat. Boiling slowly is best for releasing all the essential benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon.

It will look like this for near 15 minutes. You start to doubt if it will make any tea.

Then Voila! Slowly the cinnamon starts to get release. It looks like a muddy brown. When it starts to boil like this switch off and let sit on the stove top.

Still a pale yellow. You need to let it sit for 15-20minutes. As the temperature drops, the Cinnamon stick will suddenly release all that is good about Ceylon Cinnamon, changing the color to a red.

There you have it. The bold red of well brewed Cinnamon stick Tea. Now you will have to reheat before serving.

This is how Cinnamon Stick Tea should look like. A robust red color.

You can add some sugar. But we prefer no sugar but a slice of cake. Ceylon Cinnamon Stick Tea is mild yet has a robust clean taste that is almost sweet with hints of Citrus. Zero sugar.

Serve with some quiche. A visual and taste delight with the heady aroma of Ceylon Cinnamon with hints of Citrus.

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