How to make citrus facial scrub

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This scrub is very easy to make, and it is delicate and soft - perfect for applying on your face. It usually takes 2-3 days for citrus peel to dry completely. You can use any citrus fruit you like.

Start with grating fruit peel.

I prefer to grate more than I need to use, and store the rest in a container for the next time. You can store it for months in a dry and dark place.

Put the coconut oil in a jar, and microwave it for a minute or so, just to make it softer.

Add dried citrus zest to the coconut oil and mix well together. Since zest is quite soft (compared to sugar or salt scrubs), I like to add a lot of it to the scrub. My oil and zest proportions are 1:1

And voila! Coconut citrus scrub is ready! :) enjoy!

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