How to crochet a ribbon necklace

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Supplies for crocheting a ribbon necklace. Examples of different colors of ribbon/trellis yarns.

Cut 5 strands of trellis/ribbon yarn, each 2 1/2 yards long.

Measure 9 inches from each end of the yarn and make a knot.

The knots should not be tight - they need to be big enough so that they are visible as you are working the yarn.

Make a slip knot at the 9" mark on one end of the yarn.

Make a loose chain stitch. Be sure to go around the entire yarn -- not through the middle of it.

Continue to make loose chain stitches until you get to the marker knot at 9 inches from the other end. When you are one stitch past the knot, pull the end of the yarn through the stitch to "tie off."

Make 5 strands of chain stitch.

Gather the 5 crocheted strands at one end where the chain stitches begin. Tie a knot to combine all the strands.

Make a knot at the other end of the strands as well.

Put a pony bead on the E crochet hook as shown.

Twist the ends of the yarn past the knots together. (There will be 10 strands of yarn.)

Pull twisted yarn through pony bead.

Pull the ends of the yarn all the way through the pony bead.

Push pony bead all the way down to the knots. This leaves about 5 inches of a tail on the necklace. (This length may vary.) Cut the ends off so they are all one length.

Twist the ends of the strands together again and tie one last knot near the end of the strands. This allows you to adjust the length of the necklace by moving the pony bead. And that's it!

Completed necklace.

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