How to cook delicious chicken pasta/macaronis

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cut bell peppers into squarish pieces

cut chicken into cubes as well

peel onion

meanwhile boil large amount of water

cut onion into squares

Take cilantro from your garden

wash an chop

I'm going to use two shapes of macaronis just to add more shapes to dish

add two table spoon oil and two table spoon salt in boiled water and add first size of macaronis

it is almost done

take one out and check.. if it is properly cooked than time drain out water

I'm using pot under my sieve as I'm going to use same water for my other shape of pasta

to save time use same water.. u wont need to boil a lot of water again

this is second batch if pasta with different shape

add oil to pan and add chicken

add half teaspoon of ground pepper and fry


now add water, ginger and garlic cubes and let it cook

when water is evaporated and chicken is cooked remove chicken from oil

in same oil add onions and sauté


now add bell peppers and sauté again


now add chicken and fry again

Now add your spices i.e., black pepper salt .. pinch or oregano rosemary and paparika.. vinegar and soya sauce

add ketchup or salsa sauce


yummy :)

now add your first batch of pasta


add second batch and mix againnn properly...

again add ketchup or your favorite sauce :)

mix and add cilantro

again mixxx

done... yumm

serve :)

yummyy :)

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