How to cook paprika chicken with quinoa tabbouleh

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Get one cup of quinoa (200g).

Place quinoa in a bowl with 600ml of water.

Cook in microwave for 10 minuets. Or you can cook on small pan at medium heat for 10 minuets until tender.

Cut up 8 cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Cut up 3 spring onions(thinly sliced).

Carefully and thinly sliced parsley mint or coriander(2 table spoons).

Add all vegetables and herbs into the bowl with the quinoa.

Combine and mix all ingredients together and add olive oil/ extra Virgin olive oil (1 teaspoon).

Add 2 table spoons of lemon juice.

Add half a table spoon of paprika to bowl.

Combine all spices together in bowl until mixed

Get a bowl and put 100g of Greek yoghurt in.

Make a mug up of a table spoon of olive oil and half a teaspoon of paprika and brush or drizzle onto chicken while cooking. Cook chicken for 10 minuets over medium heat cook till tender

While chicken is cooking lay out your tabbouleh on the plate with Greek yogurt.

Slice chicken into 4 thin slices and enjoy!



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