How to make a headboard/workplace extension

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Get yourself a nice sized piece of wood laid in a spot you can paint in. You can even name it if you want. Mines named Derek :)

Lay down two pieces of scotch tape leaving space to paint in between

This is my favorite kind of brush for this purpose

Just spear the paint in the stripe the tape is there so that you won't get that color anywhere else. It also creates a chic straight line formation.

Keep filling that stripe:)

Done here! Now what?

Peel up the scotch tape. I like scotch because it doesn't peel up other paint with it very often. Don't put the scotch on wet paint though because it will take the paint off with it.

Put the tape somewhere new where there isn't paint so you can redo the process!

Use a skinny brush to fix boo boos

Booboos like these purple dots that spattered my green

Keep adding stripes, this is the longest part.

Tada!! All set and ready and beautifully painted I think! See new two slides to see what "Derek" is for!

See him back there? Now instead of being a rotting piece of wood out in the garage, Derek is a removable headboard and...

It's the perfect workplace extension! Toss it on your bed, and suddenly you have a great spot for x acto knives, glue guns, and more space for that sewing project!! Hope you use it!

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