How to make a coin or (something small) disappear

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Find a coin...put it your hand

Show coin to audience...

Hold the coin so,that your hand is underneath the coin..

Put your other hand over your hand with coin protend to take the coin...(but it only blocks audiences view of coin)

This is the magic drop the coin in same hand you were holding it in...and protend to take coin in other hand...

Keep in mind not to look at hands during this part of the trick...audience might get suspicious and you will get caught...

This is from audience view.

Portends to take coin in his right hand

Then (does not close his hand,but keep coin out of sight...)

Puts it in his pocket...

Once your hand is in your pocket...keep it there(unless you can get it out without getting noticed.😏

Audience says the coin is still in the left hand😂

IT"S GONE!!! did you???

Watch the video: WORLDS Easiest Coin Vanish - Tutorial


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