How to make a fishtail rainbow bracelet

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Set up your loom Sideways

Add a twisted band from one loom to another right next to it.

Add an untwisted band on top.

Add one more untwisted. You want to keep three bands on the loom at all times while making this, no more, no less.

Grab the bottom band with your hook.

Pull it over the peg and into the middle.

Repeat on the other side by grabbing he bottom

And pulling it into the middle.

This is what it should look like.

Add another band on top, and grab the bottom band.

Pull it over and into the middle.

What it should look like


Into the middle

Add another band on top


It should start to look like this after 3 or 4 stitches.

Don't forget to add another untwisted band on top!

Since I'm not making a full sized bracelet, I'll show you how to finish it now. Take your clip

Put it on the two bands in the middle

Take it off the loom.

Take these two bands (you don't have to use your hook, I'm just showing you the bands)

Take them out. Clip the band on the other end and voila! You are done.

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