How to make poppyseed salad dressing

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Gather ingredients.

Warm vinegar slightly in the microwave, don't make it hot, you just want to warm it enough to melt the sugar. Add warmed vinegar to sugar and whisk until sugar is just about all dissolved.

Add warmed vinegar to sugar and whisk until sugar is melted

Add melted sugar and vinegar to blender.

Blend on lowest speed for about 30 seconds, this is creating an emulsion

Remove the center cap of blender, this is where we will pour in the oil.

Turn the blender on its lowest setting. Use your hand as a guard to block spattering from the open lid.

In a very thin steady stream, carefully and slowly pour oil into the blender.

Continue to pour all the oil into blender.

When all the oil is added and blended the dressing will be thick and have a creamy appearance.

Add salt and dry mustard.

Add dried onion flakes.

Add poppy seeds.

Use the pulse setting on the blender.

Pulse blend just a few times until blended.

My storage container. Keep in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Pour and store. Store in refrigerator. Shake or stir salad dressing before you serve, it does separate a little while it sits. Serve on your favorite salad greens. Don't forget the berries and cheese!

Yummy! Enjoy!



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