How to make upcycled toilet paper roll party favors

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Get your supplies together. My hubby and I just pop all of our empty T.P. rolls into a little box under our cabinet so I always have a supply for my crafts

Cut your papers at 4x6 Inches each. I always cheat a little more than 4 inches to make sure I cover the roll. Then, pre roll your paper, it goes on the roll easier

Add some Tacky Glue to the roll- get the ends good. Use glue as it has "play" in it to help you line up your paper just right

Next, add a bead of glue to one end of your curled up paper

then, add to the roll, with the glued side overlapping-then add a clothespin, bulldog clip or paper clip to hold together at each end

Leave to dry 20 minutes minimum

For the first one, we are going to just pinch one end flat

Then place three staples along the bottom. I added a little piece of pom pom trim too. TIP: use the stapler on a flat surface, it staples better

Now flatten out the roll on the opposite side, in the opposite direction

Fill with candy, confetti, or whatever you like...

Now staple the top- or if you are worried about little fingers, use some washi tape

For the next one again we are going to flatten it down again- make sure the seam is in the center back

open it back up, then gently use your thumb to press down as shown- only press in to the folds you just made as a guide

Now do the other side

You will notice that one side overlaps- make sure they overlap shows to the back where the seam is, as shown

pop it back open and fill with candy, little gifts, a gift card....

Then tie it up pretty with some twine from

For the last one, press the entire thing down flat with the seam to the back

On one side do a slight fold in- this is just to use as a guide to cut the slot out

now cut on the fold line you made

staple the bottom- or tape if you worry about little hands

add a pretty ribbon- this one is from may arts. Now you can slip a gift card, a party ticket, a thank you card, gum packs, candy sticks, or anything inside

So Fun! You can really get creative decorating these! Thanks for joining me and find more crafty stuff on my blog at

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