How to draw spongebob squarepants

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Draw his nose.

Draw two eyes, with the left one overlapping over the right and the nose should be in front of the eyes like this.

Draw his cheek in front of the left eye.

Draw his smile coming down from the middle of the cheek. (By the way the cheek should have freckles, I actually forgot to do that!)

Draw his tongue.

Draw three thick eyelashes above the right eye and his eyebrow coming down over his left eye like this. Erase the bit of the eye under the eyebrow. Also draw his chin underneath his mouth.

Draw his pupils and irises looking up. (They will be looking up at the soccer ball)

Draw the outline of his face using squiggly lines like this. Make it squarish.

Add in his spots like this.

Draw his left side using short squiggly lines and draw straight lines for his pants. Make the pants tilted to the right like this.

Finish the pants and connect the side lines like this.

Draw the sleeve of his arm, coming out from the middle of his side.

Draw the skinny arm at a right angle (almost).

And the hand.

Draw a line down the middle of his soccer pants.

Add in the pants for his leg, like this. On the bottom of the pants.

Add in a leg and a sock.

Draw his shoe, don't forget the soccer spikes!

Draw the pant for the right leg coming off the corner going directly upwards.

Draw his skinny leg straight up.

Draw the sock (straight up)

The shoe should be about level with the top of his head, if not a little higher.

Draw the soccer ball above his right foot!

Draw interlocking hexagons. (Make them bigger than the ones I did, I'm not very good at this bit!)

Shade in some of the hexagons.

Draw his right arm sleeve underneath where his sock begins.

Draw his arm going behind his leg.

His hand.

Rub out the lines that aren't needed, like this one next to the eraser.


Do this for all unnecessary lines. (Including where the arm comes out of the sleeve, I forgot lol)

And you have finished the sketch! Now for the colour!

I used these textas as well as a thick black marker.

Go over all the lines you drew in pencil with your thick black marker.

Colour his body in yellow (not the spots or socks)

Colour the spots in using the pale green colour.

Colour in the irises of his eyes as well as the stripes on his pants, socks and shoes using the light blue texta.

Colour in his pants, sleeves and shoes with the darker blue texta.

Colour his tongue in red or a dark pink. (I regret using red, its a bit too bright)

And you have drawn Spongebob playing soccer!! Finished image on next step, tap for the full image!

Thanks for watching!! Please like, comment and follow me too!

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