How to cook mushrooms & eggs with deer heart greens

Pick a handful of deer heart greens, just the amount you are ready to use. Choose younger greens, they are the most flavorful without any bitter taste.

After quartering your mushrooms and dicing your green onion, add them to a heated pan with your olive oil. Sauté until tender, about 5-6 minutes stirring occasionally. Season with seasoned salt.

Pile the mushrooms on a plate, top with your rinsed deer heart greens.

In the pan you sautéed your mushrooms & green onion, fry two eggs. Season eggs lightly with seasoned salt.

Fry your eggs over medium high heat, keeping part of the yolks soft.

Top the mushrooms and deer heart greens with fried eggs. Topping the greens with the hot eggs will cause them to be wilted. Serve immediately. Serves 1

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