How to make keema aloo muttar curry

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Chop yer small onion, not too fine

Chop yer potatoes in to one inch cubes, boil for 10 mins max

Fry off onions in oil

Peel garlic and ginger. top tip: buy ginger, peel then freeze. easier to grate, lasts longer.

Clean mince a bit.

Grate ginger into pan

Crush garlic into pan.

Add mince to pan and keep it moving to brown.

Drain potatoes, should still be a bit hard.

Add ground coriander.

Add ground cumin

Add chilli powder

Mix it all up.

Add salt.

Keep browning at a medium to high heat.

Mince should now be fairly browned.

Chop your tomato, in this case I only have cherry tomatoes...

Add to mince.

Crush the tomatoes into the mix. Add half a cup of water, not too much.

Add your peas and potatoes and cook on a low to medium heat for 20 minutes, adding water occasionally

Add garam masala.

Add fresh coriander. check that potatoes are nicely cooked, then serve with bread if your choice.

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