How to make lime sugar - 3 ways

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Choose limes. These are key limes.

Slip a plastic sandwich bag over a box grater.

Grate using the smallest holes and with not too much pressure. Be careful not to shred the bag along with the lime rind.

Another method is to use a rasp.

The rasp removes the rind in tiny shreds without the white, bitter pith.

Using a knife or a potato peeler, slice small strips with a scraping motion. Again, be careful not to remove the bitter, white pith.

Grated, rasped, and sliced rind.

For each heaped tablespoon of rind, use three tablespoons of sugar. Shake the bottle every day for the lime oil to blend. If it's a larger quantity, blend or swirl in a food processor.

Use lime sugar for adding oomph to tea, fruit salads, pastries, and cookies. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

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