How to make a redneck wine glass

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This is a Libbey brand candle stick holder. This is the only brand I am aware of that offers these and that prices these so reasonably low.

The glue you use must be industrial strength and designed for glass. Water resistant is also necessary.

Apply glue around the top edge of the holder. Hint: you can drop small decorative items, like jewels, inside the holder before attaching the jar.

Center the jar on top of the holder. Allow to dry according to glue instructions. Any size jar works as long as it has a flat bottom. Shown here is a peanut butter jar and a large salsa jar.

Avoid dishwasher and wash by hand. Although the glue is water resistant, it can break down in high heat.

To easily remove labels from jars, simply soak jar in water for a few hours then scrape off while wet. If you have stubborn glue residue, rub off with lemon oil or goo remover.

The glue is in two parts that are mixed for most effectiveness. I actually squeezed the glue onto cardboard, stirred the two parts with a tooth pick, then spread it onto the rim.

Ball has just made a limited edition blue tinted version. Wish they would make pink, too!

Can also use plastic beer cups, too.

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