How to make oreo truffles!

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Get your supplies!

After you get your supplies you need to wash your hands, be sanitary!

Get your oreos and a bowl and something to smash your oreos in. You can use a food processor but since I didn't have one I just used a potato masher.

Finely crush oreos into tiny bits like so.

Smash your oreos some more! You want them in really small bits.

Next, take your cream cheese and mix it with your smashed oreos.


It should turn out something like this or darker.

Next get a tray and put some parchment paper over the tray.

Take your oreo/cream cheese and make them into little balls and put them onto the parchment paper.

Little oreo balls. :)

Put your oreo balls into the freezer for 20-30 minutes or in the fridge for an hour to firm them up.

Set your time for however long you put your oreo balls in the fridge/freezer.

Next, take your melting chocolate and melt your chocolate :)

Set your timer for 60 seconds.

Dip your oreo balls into the melting chocolate :)

End result! Oreo truffles :)

Watch the video: 3-Ingredient OREO Truffles. Recipe


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