How to make a banana ginger smoothie

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Gather all of your supplies.

Peel and add the two bananas to your blender.

Cut off a piece of ginger root.

You can peel or unpeel the ginger and add to the blender.

Add ice cubes. I usually add 10 mini cubes or 5 regular sized cubes.

If you want a little extra sweet, add 2 tablespoons of Agave. The sweetness of the bananas are just fine as well.

Add 2 cups of your favorite milk (coconut, soy, rice, etc.) or water. I think the coconut milk and bananas complement each other.

Now that all your ingredients are in the blender, it's blending time.

Blend for 30-45 seconds or until you have that nice smoothie look.

Pour in a nice glass or your favorite smoothie cup.

Now feel like a VIP and enjoy this awesome smoothie that's cool, creamy, sweet, full of potassium and help aid digestion. ENJOY!

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