How to create a diy holder for charging your phone

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Gather your supplies

When one of your plastic bottles is empty, clean it and make sure to take off all of the stickers they have on.

Measure your mobile in the bottle to see if it's going to fit, and add +/- 3 inch (7 cm) tall ( the space that the charger will need.

Make the mark with your marker...

And use the cutter to cut it

Draw the line at the tall of your cellphone it can be a bit lower, but you only have to make it one side, the other must be taller.

Cut through the new line ...

Draw the space where you are going to connect the charger

With the help of the cutter, cut the space...

And you should be left with something like this...

Measure it, put your mobile in the bottle and put the charger through the hole, make sure there's enough space to fit both, if not, just cut a bit more...

Decorate it as you wish! You can use washi tape, tissues or make your own design with markers like I did! :)

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